Gate Safety Legislation

As an owner of an automated system, it is your legal duty to make sure the system is safe for yourself and others to utilise.

It is recommended that you arrange maintenance and servicing every six months for commercial sites and every twelve months for domestic sites. This should also include an annual safety check to ensure your system is safe and complies with the current safety standards.

At Motion Gate Ltd we take safety very seriously, thus our aim is to educate owners of their responsibilities with gate safety for existing and new automated systems in both the domestic and commercial sectors.

Due to tragic events in recent years, where a number of children have been crushed to death by unsafe gate automated systems in separate incidents, new legislation has come into effect since then on new installations but this may not cover existing ones.

Automated gates and garage doors are classed as machines and must follow the latest European and British standards BS EN 12453- 2001, BS EN12445- 2001, BS EN 12635-2002, and BS EN 12604-2000.

At a basic level any kind of automated gate should be supported by a minimum of two types of safety features, and we at Motion Gate Ltd always recommend the inclusion of photocells and safety edges on all automated systems, regardless of the force limitation device already installed within your gate motor system, to ensure the highest level of safety.

With any new installation, service or repair we offer a free force test to see if your system complies with the current legislation. We also provide a full risk assessment taking in all safety issues that might occur before any new installation, then advise you on any concerns. With all new installments, you will receive a hand-over pack which includes full operating instructions, conformity documents, force testing results and your maintenance schedule (Of which, the first visit is free of charge).